Variety with Veggies

This post is from Lindsey Brantley, an NCSU student who is teaching the OFL class at Mayview. Catch up on what the Mayview class has been learning and cooking from previous posts here and here. 

We are half-way done with our cooking lessons already! This week was our 3rd week teaching, and each week gets better for us and the teens. We reviewed the Food Pyramid, highlighting fruits and veggies this week. Fruits and veggies have many essential nutrients, including vitamins A and C and fiber. We learned that the compounds inside fruits and veggies can help make you beautiful on the inside and out! The teenagers were definitely interested in learning how vitamin A is good for your skin and eyes, and vitamin C is good for your bones and scrapes.

We prepared Asian Vegetable Stir Fry this week, which the teens loved. They even said it was amazing! We cooked with a variety of colors of vegetables, which meant we got a variety of vitamins from our stir fry. The teens learned how to make stir fry personally modified by adding your favorite vegetables, like onions and peppers or mushrooms and snow peas.