Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

By Sarah Mehta, Nutrition Intern

 We’ve come up with 3 more tips for eating healthy on a budget (find previous tips here):

1.      Drink water.

  • Not only will you save calories by choosing water over sodas and other beverages, but water is free!
  • When you’re out of the house – at school or work – grab your re-useable water bottle, fill ‘er up and go.  When you’re thirsty, water is just a sip away.


2.      Choose whole grains to stay full.

  • Unlike refined grains, such as white rice or flour, whole grains haven’t been stripped of their fiber-containing bran and germ.
  • The fiber from whole grains, like brown rice or oatmeal, will give you a long-lasting feeling of fullness.  So, you’ll likely eat less, saving both money and calories.


3.      Eat beans for protein.

  • Not only are beans an economical source of protein, but unlike meats and poultry, which can be expensive, beans come with the additional benefits of fiber and less saturated fat.
  • There are various kinds of beans – black, pinto, kidney, lentils and garbanzo to name a few – so mix it up!
  • If you’re buying canned beans, be sure to get the no-salt added or low-sodium cans.  However, if time is not a factor, cooking dry beans yourself is even cheaper than the pre-cooked, canned variety.  So, you can make your beans and eat them too!