OFL Thoughts on Durham Service Center Ribbon Cutting

Matt Carusona, IFFS's Operation Frontline AmeriCorps, attended the ribbon cutting on Wednesday and shares his thoughts on the exciting opportunity Operation Frontline now has in Durham.

With yesterday’s ribbon cutting ceremony at the Durham Service Center, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle opens its doors in the Durham community and “steps out.” With this momentous event comes opportunity - opportunity for the Operation Frontline program to expand its reach and service within Durham. With six Durham OFL programs in 2008, nine in 2009 and fifteen planned for 2010 the IFFS Operation Frontline Program continues to grow in Durham. Having a physical presence in Durham creates unique opportunity for IFFS OFL to reach out and connect with individuals, organizations on a much more organic basis. However, as the amount of classes offered increases so does the need for volunteer chefs, nutritionist, and educators to help lead and manage OFL classes. Individuals and or organizations who want to get involved should contact staff to find out further information about opportunities in Durham. IFFS’s OFL program was excited to be a part of yesterday’s event and looks forward to growing within the Durham community.