Jennifer's PAR Adventure

The Hills Are Alive...With Vegetables?!

By: Jennifer Bingham 

This is the second dispatch from Jennifer Bingham, a Hunger-Squasher from Raleigh who is working to make the PAR Program a huge success. Read her first entry here.

This past Saturday I visited the local North Hills Farmers Market in search of extra veggies to add to the already abundant supply at the Food Shuttle.  Luckily, I came across some very generous vendors that handed me bags and basketfuls of peppers, onions, okra, corn, squash, and tomatoes.  As the vendors were packing up for the day, whatever had not been sold suddenly became donations to the PAR Program.

One vendor, who donated not only peppers, but ears of corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes, let me know that she was, "So glad there was a program that was making good use of all these extra veggies."  She said that the majority of her left-over produce was bound for the garbage...but NOT ANYMORE!  The brave woman in charge of organizing all the vendors, Angela, was so glad to see that the North Hills' Farmers' Market could be involved with the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.  Overall, pounds of vegetables were dropped off at the Shuttle, making a small, but important difference, in the world of hunger.