Knowing how to grow food is an important step toward developing a locally-owned food system that builds sufficiency and community power.

The more we understand about growing and preparing food, the healthier we are.  

Growing food, especially in urban areas and on small tracts of land, is a viable way for people to feed themselves.  Our goal is to create a more just and sustainable future and develop more ecologically, economically and socially sound models of food production and distribution.

Food Shuttle Learning Gardens

Camden Street Learning Garden

315 Camden Street, Raleigh, N.C.

Located in the Southeast Raleigh Food Desert, the Camden Street Learning Garden is a green space in the middle of a city where kids, families and individuals can be in nature and grow food to nourish their community.

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Geer Street Learning Garden

110 Geer Street, Durham, N.C.

Packed into only a quarter-acre lot in the heart of Durham, the Geer Street Learning Garden is building resilient community connections and engaging people of all ages in the powerful act of growing local food.

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